Namco charcoal is one of the best charcoal factory  funded by Singaporean, so we have deep connection with Asia

We invite Chinese master and use the traditional way combine modern operation management to manufacture charcoal. The reason why we chose to use traditional way to make charcoal is that we can guarantee our quality, to supply the best quality of charcoal to our customer.
We use steel tank and outside we put bricks and soil to cover it.
Namco charcoal only choose Acacia trees to make charcoal, it's very dry and strong breed.
First step to make charcoal is cutting trees, we will cut the Acacia tree to certain size , the second, load the wood into the plot, one plot of charcoal need to 10 to 15 days to process. When finished the product processing, we will put it to empty place to make it naturally cool down and then sieving the different grade of charcoal, final step, depends customer's requests, we pack into different packages and then stock it.
Our charcoal can lasting 4 hours ,easy to burn, without sparkles and less smoke.
The most popular of charcoal is Lump shape charcoal, then is Stick shape of charcoal, both of samples I already gave.
Right now, Namco charcoal can produce around 160 to 220 tons in one month and we have around 100 tons charcoal in stock.